Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to Make Salt and Pepper Shakers out of Mini Jelly Jars

Recently, Brian and I enjoyed a wonderful two nights in a charming-old world inn at a near by ski resort.  For breakfast we feasted on delicious croissants topped with jelly from these tiny jelly jars.  The jars were so cute that when the server came to clear the table, I told him I wanted to keep the jars and take them home.  Yes, it was a bit embarrassing,  but totally worth it!  When I got home, I asked my girls what I should do with the jars, and Katrina immediately came up with a great idea--make them into salt and pepper shakers! Here's how I did it:
Small Nail

1.  Wash your jelly jars.  I decided to leave the labels on the jars because I like them.  I made the raspberry into a salt shaker and the marmalade into a pepper shaker.

2.  Pound 1 small hole into the jelly jar lid.

3.  Fill jar with salt or pepper.  Turn jar upside down and shake.  If you like the amount of salt or pepper that shakes out, you are done.  If it comes out too slow, add a another nail hole.  Test and add more nail holes one at a time until you like the amount of salt or pepper dispensed.  Both my salt shaker and my pepper shaker have 2 holes in the lid  

I'm so excited to try them out at family dinnertime!

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