Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Have Fun in the Great Outdoors--Without Any Special Equipment!

Growing up, an excursion into the "mountains," was always a blast.  We kids rarely brought any special equipment in order to have fun.  With tadpole catching, rock hopping, and exploring, no extras were needed.  The other day, Brian, Thomas, Katrina and I went off on a mountain adventure.  The boys had fishing poles and licenses, Katrina and I had nothing.  Nothing except our own sense of fun, that is!  Here are some of the things we did.

How to Make Build-Your-Own Fruit Pizzas

I like fruit pizza. In fact, Brian and I ordered fruit pizza on our first date.  We made these build-your-own fruit pizzas for my daughter Cassandra's baby shower and everyone loved them.  Building your own is good not only because you can choose your own stuff, but also because your fruit pizza won't be soggy.  

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to Make Quick and Easy Girl-Party Decorations

Miriam, Katrina, and I made these streamer and tissue paper flower decorations for Cassandra's Baby Shower.  Really the only reason we made the flowers is because the dollar store didn't have pink balloons, but I was quite surprised to find that I thought they looked much cuter that balloons would have.  Find the tissue paper flower instructions here.  We just cut the leaves out of light green cardstock.

We decorated the TV, too because Cassandra's shower was a long distance shower, and she and other guests were participating via Skype.

Friday, July 22, 2011

How to make Unique Baby Shower Favors

 My daughters, Miriam and Katrina and I came up with these adorable favors for my oldest daughter, Cassandra's baby shower.  They are economical, creative and cute.  Our guests loved them and so will yours!

Edible Favor

Wearable Favor (lotion)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to Make a Swing Set Chair and Hammock

Even though Grandma Maxine didn’t have a swing set, we always found lots to do out in her yard.  We’d climb the grapefruit tree and sit on the two branches that were twisted into a throne or a toilet depending on who was sitting on it at the moment.  We liked to play “bop ‘em, frisbee or badminton in the front yard even though the giant cypress tree would always eat our beach ball, Frisbee, or birdie.  At Great Grandma Gertrude’s house we’d climb the fig trees growing along the back of her property and eat figs.  But Grandma Patricia’s yard was by far the most fun.  It did have a swing set—a big tall one.  It also had a big watering trough made into a swimming pool with a rope swing tied to a tree above, and an old car to climb around in. So how does my yard compare to my grandmas’?  Well, we do have raspberries and apricots to pick and we also have the biggest apricot tree in the world to climb.  Add to that our new improved swing set, and I think out house is beginning to cut the mustard.

How to do a long distance baby shower

My daughter, Cassandra, is expecting her first baby--my first grandchild--in ten days and we're so excited!  That's the happy stuff.  The sad stuff is that Cassandra lives far away and we haven't seen her and her husband, Emerson, for quite awhile.  In fact, we have never seen her baby bump "in person."  Pretty sad, huh?  I am going to go visit when the baby is born which is definitely more happy stuff.  But until then, we wanted to have a shower for Cassandra.  So how do you have a baby shower for someone who is far away?  To make it work was definitely a family group effort.

Monday, July 4, 2011

How to Paint a Sand Dollar

This little craft is right up Grandma Maxine’s alley.  It’s made of something you find instead of buy, and it comes from the heart.  In fact, Grandma told me that she recently took up painting.  Even though we live far apart, doing this craft made me feel closer to her. 

How to Repair a Plastic Chair

In Memory of Grandpa

My Grandpa Devar was an amazing guy.  At the age of ninety he would go out to his carport every day in 100+ degree weather and tie quilts to donate to the LDS humanitarian center.  A product of the depression and WWII, if he wanted something, he made it; If something broke, he fixed it.