Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daddy Carnival

Sometimes for Family Home Evening we'll have a Daddy Carnival, usually for the activity.

Daddy chooses a few rides he's willing to do for the kids like Strawberry Roan, Spinning,  Flying Lessons,  Climb and Flip, Skin the Cat, Rocket, etc. Then they get a certain number of tickets or turns that they can use for the ride of their choice. The kids love it!

You could have older kids help with giving the rides (or with first aid ; ).

P.S. This is Elizabeth the Younger : ).


  1. Elizabeth the Younger, That is the cutest idea! The kids have fun, and Daddy gets his work out. ha ha. I love the ticket you drew, too.

  2. What is skin the cat?

  3. Dear Elizabeth the younger and the daughters of Mosiah, what is skin the cat???

  4. Skin the Cat is when the kid sits up on one of Daddy's shoulders. Daddy holds the kid by the armpits and then the kid pitches forward and flips to the ground. They can sit forward or backward. Does that make sense?