Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to Flick a Soda Pop Can Pull Ring

This idea is just one of the fun activities you can find in my "How to Have Fun in the Great Outdoors--Without any Special Equipment."

Finding an old soda pop can pull ring is becoming more and more rare these days, but if you do find one, make sure you show your kids how to send it spinning!

 Your ring must look like this:

Two slots.

You will also need the other part of the pop can "tab"--the part that covered the opening of the can.

Now, hold the ring horizontally in one hand and the tab vertically in the other hand.  The ring has two slots.  Insert the wide part of the tab into the slot of the ring that is farthest away from you.  Now, pull back gently on the ring and release.  

With a bit of practice you will get the ring spinning through the air.  Have contests to see who can spin it the farthest.

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  1. Quality! Why? Because I was thinking about this old past time today at lunch :) how it's odd how things die out due to changing tech & wondered if anyone else in the world did this :) Used to love doing this in the late 80s early 90s in school. Would collect those ring pulls just to do it. Sadly, with the invention of the new ring pull and all the olds ones disappearing, this has now stopped :(

    Coming from the UK :)