Friday, July 22, 2011

How to make Unique Baby Shower Favors

 My daughters, Miriam and Katrina and I came up with these adorable favors for my oldest daughter, Cassandra's baby shower.  They are economical, creative and cute.  Our guests loved them and so will yours!

Edible Favor

Wearable Favor (lotion)


Small bags of Skittles-type candy and/or small tubes of lotion.
Assorted flannel prints
Fabric scissors or pinking sheers
Small safety pins
1/4" white ribbon
For edible favors:
Oreos or other type of sandwich cookie
Royal icing, tinted
Lollipop sticks (optional)
Plastic wrap or cellophane
For Wearable Favors:
One page of white cardstock
Colored pencils
Double-stick tape


1.  Lay lotion tube or candy bag vertically on work surface.

2.  Cut 7" squares of flannel with scissors or pinking sheers and wrap the candy or lotion as you would wrap a baby.

3.  Pin the blankies shut with bows.

4.  Fasten a pin on the back of each "baby" so that the blankies will stay shut.

5.  Add faces.  For the lotion favors, draw baby faces on card stock and cut them out.

Our baby faces were drawn by Miriam.

Adhere a piece of double-stick tape onto the back of each face.  Slip the faces into the blankies so that they peek out of the top. Apply gentle pressure to adhere the tape.

For the candy favors, tint royal icing and pipe baby faces on Oreos or other sandwich-type cookies.  Let icing harden.  If you use double-stuffed Oreos, you may be able to insert a lollipop stick into the bottom of each cookie.  Wrap the cookies in plastic wrap or cellophane. Adhere a piece of  double-stick tape onto the back of each face. Slip the cookies into the blankies so that they peek out of the top.  Apply gentle pressure to adhere the tape.



  1. These are so sweet! Think I will attempt these for grandson's baby shower.