Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Activities for Kids

Whether she sat us in front of paper mache’ or a memory game to match family photos, Grandma Maxine knew how to keep kids busy.  Here are some ideas of my own to hopefully reduce your kid’s screen time and keep them busy this summer.

Fun Summer Time Ideas for Younger and Older Kids (Including Teenagers)

Here is are my brainstormed lists for fun inexpensive things to do in the summertime that don't take too much help from mom (although they are always more fun if Mom is doing it, too!).

Activity Ideas for Younger Kids (Be sure to check out Ideas for Older Kids, too because some are good for both!)

  • Fun Outdoor Ideas for Younger Kids
    • Make and use sidewalk chalk
    • Play four square
    • Play Hopscotch
    • Eat a picnic
    • Paint rock creatures for the garden
    • Make a bike wash (set up a sprinkler and ride your bike through it.)
    • Run through the sprinklers
    • Slip-n-slide
    • Swim
    • Make bubble stuff and blow bubbles
    • Plan a party.  Have friends bring one sack lunch and one outdoor activity.  Have fun.
    • Practice headstands
    • Play Frisbee
    • Run around the yard (or block) 5 times.
    • Go on a nature walk
    • Make a nature collage
    • Do summersaults
    • Have a skipping race
    • Make an obstacle course
    • Lay on a blanket and make shapes out of clouds.
    • Play follow the leader.
    • Roller Blade
    • Play Leap Frog

  • Fun Indoor Ideas For Younger Kids
    • Make a town out of blocks
    • Build a fort out of blankets
    • Make Puppets
    • Plan a puppet show
    • Put on a play for your friends or family
    • Make a treat for a friend
    • Look at family pictures
    • Put on a magic show
    • Write in your journal and illustrate it.
    • Write a song.
    • Make a card for someone.  Give it secretly.
    • Make juice popsicles
    • Organize your stuff.
    • Call a cousin
    • Secretly do a good deed.
    • Make popcorn
    • Give every toy that you own its own name.
    • Do Exercises
    • Make a book.
  • Outdoor Work for Younger Kids (See Outdoor Work Ideas for Older Kids)

Activity Ideas for Older Kids Including Teenagers (Be sure to look at ideas for younger kids, too because some of them apply to both!

  • Fun Outdoor Ideas For Older Kids
    • Walk to the park for lunch
    • Walk to the school to play
    • Walk to get a treat
    • Walk to the library
    • Think about what is close by that your kids can walk or bike to.  Including a popsicle reward helps them want to go.
    • Have a picnic
    • Bike ride to one of the above
    • Play basketball
    • Swim 
    • Wash Car
    • Plan an outdoor day camp for the little neighborhood kids or relatives to give moms a break.  Use "Ideas for younger kids" to plan party.
  • Outdoor Work Ideas For Older Kids
    • Pick up garbage
    • Mow
    • Pull weeds
    • Sweep Gutter
    • Sweep whatever
    • Clean Car
    • Vacuum Car
    • Wash Car

  • Indoor Ideas for Older Kids
    • Summer seminary.  Around here, kids can attend seminary once a week in the summer!
    • Sew something easy like pillowcases, pj pants, skirts, etc
    • Mend something for Mom.
    • Make a picnic for the Fam
    • Volunteer at http://vineyard.lds.org/
    • Index records at http://www.familysearch.org/eng/indexing/frameset_indexing.asp
    • Wax kitchen floor
    • Sing at the piano
    • Practice piano
    • Organize book shelves
    • Paint something that needs painting
    • Make home made granola, yogurt, etc
    • Make "Grandma's PBJ Popcorn"
    • Organize Photos.  Make Scrapbooks.
    • Make a treat for a neighbor.
    • Think about all the projects you need to do and include your kids in doing them.


  1. Great ideas! What's the PBJ popcorn?

  2. Elizabeth, I wrote it up and posted a link just for you. I also added some other popcorn ideas I hope you will like :)

  3. How are these ideas working for me so far? Find out by reading my journal post at http://allthingsmarsupial.blogspot.com/2011/06/how-to-keep-teenagers-busy-in-summer.html