Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to Make Bug Snacks for a Bug Picnic

My mom's post about summertime menus reminded me of my favorite go-to picnic lunch for little kids. I came up with this for a birthday surprise for Thomas when he was about five or six. He loved it, and so have all the other kids I've made it for since. They forget that they're eating a boring old healthy lunch! (If my instructions are weird or confusing, let me know).

It's called "A Bug Picnic"

To make the "Snails"

Make peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Take each sandwich and roll it flat with rolling pin.
Roll up the sandwich and cut circles out of it with a piece of floss (basically the way you roll up and make cinnamon rolls). Each of these swirled circles is a "snail."

To make the "Butterflies"

For each butterfly, make a cheese quesadilla (Melt cheese between two tortillas). Cut the quesadilla into four pieces. Lay some carrot sticks in a vertical line to make the butterfly body, and position the four quesadilla pieces around the body to make "wings." Finish it off by making "antennae" out of two curled pull-n-peel twizzler pieces (use the black licorice).

To make the "Lady Bugs"

For each lady bug, cut an apple in half. Put it on a plate with the red part facing up. Make a vertical slit down the middle of the apple (just deep enough to show the white skin). Put a piece of black pull-n-peel licorice in the slit. For the spots: with a spoon, cut small round circles on the sides of the vertical slit (just deep enough to show the white skin.). In each circle, place a raisin. Voila, you have spots! For the lady bug head, put a cluster of raisins on the plate next to the top of the apple. You can add black licorice antennaes if you wish.

To make "Ants on a log"
Make ants on a log. We all know h0w to do that one :)

Then enjoy your picnic!


  1. I love your idea! It reminds me of Sister O's jungle breakfast. Remember? I'll have to post that one sometime.

  2. I think this is sooo fun! I love that it uses normal food!