About Me

First of all, I just want to make clear that though I am a grandma, I am not old.  I’m 43 which seems quite young to me at this point.  
Okay.  Now that we’ve made that quite clear…Imagine a squeal of pure excitement here because I am so thrilled to be a grandma!  I have been anticipating joining the ranks of grandma-hood for years, and the time is here. 
The hard part of it all is that I will be a long-distance grandma.  Yes, I will get to visit hopefully often, but that’s not the same thing as living close and baby sitting and holding her on my lap and reading to her and…okay.  Deep breath.  Deep Sigh.  Move on.
Needless to say that my mind has been busy coming up with ways to be a great long-distance grandma and since brainstorming ideas has got to be my most favorite hobby, it has been a blast.
Here are some things I think a good Grandma should do:
Read to her grand kids.
Feed her grand kids.
Sing with her grand kids.
Teach her grand kids everything she knows which in my case will not take much time.
Talk to her grand kids about Jesus and His gospel which will take a lifetime.
Love her Grand kids.
I have had lots of practice doing these things with my own kids, but I have also tried hard to practice on nieces, nephews, neighbor kids--whoever shows up at my house.  Mostly I feed them, but I also read to them and talk to them and laugh with them.  It was so fun when I was primary president and could teach the kids every week.  I wonder if they need any help in the nursery…
Besides being an almost-grandma I am a wife to my hero-husband, Brian, a mom to Cassandra (23), Jonathan (21), Matt (18), Miriam (16), Katrina (14), and Thomas (12), and a mom-in-law to Cassandra’s husband Emerson whom I love very much and not just because he’s fathered me a grand baby. You can read about us at allthingsmarsupial.blogspot.com