Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gospel-centered children's gift ideas for LDS Parents and Grandparents

Since I am just beginning grand parenthood, a condition of which I am ecstatic about, I am putting together a list of things that I want to give as gifts to my grand kids.  First of all, I am planning to give them store-bought, church-related gifts for their birthdays and home made family-related gifts for Christmas.  I think.  Let's see how it all pans out:

First birthday:   A big picture of Jesus to hang on their wall.
Second birthday:  A small photo album with pictures of Jesus in it to look at during the sacrament.
Third birthday:   "Picture Scriptures"--illustrated stories of the scriptures.
Fourth birthday:  A Book of Mormon full of picture inserts cut from church magazines to take to primary.
Fifth birthday:  Framed gospel art for their wall.
Sixth birthday:  A nicer ctr ring.
Seventh birthday:  A soft cover set of scriptures and a home-made scripture carrier
Eighth birthday:  Boys--A cub scout shirt, neckerchief, slide, book, and belt.  Girls--white baptism dress.
Ninth birthday:  A small hymn book of their own.
Tenth birthday: A pack of Mormonads to hang on their wall.
Tenth birthday:  Boys--Webelos shirt, neckerchief, and book  Girls--
Eleventh birthday:  An even nicer ctr ring.
Twelfth birthday:  Boys--A new suit.  Girls--A new dress.
Thirteenth birthday:
Fourteenth birthday:  A bonded leather set of scriptures and a scripture case for seminary.
19:  A genuine leather set of scriptures.

Family Tree wall poster, framed
Ancestor memory cards, game mat, and game instructions.
Story book of an ancestor
Family Calendar

Well, that is all I can think of so far, but stay tuned!  I am posting a page of these ideas under the header on the top of my blog, so keep checking it out, it is a page in progress!

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  1. For my eighth birthday my grandparents gave me a leather-bound set of scriptures with my name on it and a special inscription from them with the date. It is a gift that I still have and will always treasure now that my grandparents have passed on. I'm sure your grandchildren will cherish your gifts as well.