Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crochet Pod for Baby Sweet Pea

Isn't she cute?  The pattern for baby is here to download.
I came up with the pod, myself.

Crochet pattern for Sweet Pea in a Pod:
Make a chain as long as the baby or doll make the number of links (?) evenly divisable by 4.  Turn.  Chain 4, skip 3 stitches, single stitch, chain 4, skip 3 stitches, single stitch, repeat till the end.  Don't turn.  Flip.  Now you are crocheting on the bottom of your original chain.
 Chain four.  skip 3.  single stitch.  Repeat to end.  You should be single stitching in the same places you single stitched on last row.  Chain 2.  Flip.  single stitch in first loop.  Chain four.  single stitch in second loop.  Chain 4.  Single stitch in third loop.  Repeat to the last loop.  single stitch in last loop.  Chain 4.  Flip.  Single stitch in first loop.  Repeat to the last loop.  This is your little loop.  Single stitch in that loop.  Chain 4.  Flip.
Keep doing the 4 chains, single stitching in loops until your pod is the right size to fit your sweet pea.  Tie off.
Here is little Lily snuggled in her own little pod, next to Sweet Pea.  We tied the pod so that it wouldn't come off her dolly.

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