Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Playroom of Dreams II

In my last post, I announced my intention to "build" a playroom of dreams in honor of my grand baby, Lily.  This post highlights the playroom I have created.  I hope it gets the old creative juices flowing.   
DISCLAIMER:  I do not present this as a decorating masterpiece!  I don't have the time for that, and I think that as long as it's a fun room, kids don't care about the rest.  

A picture of Jesus over the bed to remind the kids that He loves them.  A pile of old, loved teddies at the head of the bed are ready for snuggles

A permanently set up play house, and a tea party in progress invite little girls to have fun.
They can find more dolly clothes for the pictured Posie dollies in the drawers below,
sewn with love by Great Grandma Jenny.

 The bulletin board becomes a puppet display just begging to be used.  
I look forward to the day I can update this magnetic calendar each month 
with my grand kids!

My old baby doll, Elizabeth, and Katrina's baby, Alice, enjoy a seat together.  The bookcase holds my picture book collection--all the old books I used to read to my kids.  On top is a busy Noah's ark display ready for adventure.  The "Tawny Scrawny" picture is really a giant picture book hung with tacks.

A closet full of old Halloween dress-ups, drawers of board games, and a bin of sports equipment inspires more play.

Girl dress-ups are easy to make, to sew, and to find.  Little boy's dress-ups, not so much.  That's why I hit my dollar store at Halloween time to stock up on helmets of all kinds and the accessories to go with them.  I  usually buy two of each so they can play with a buddy.  
This little bin holds 2 knight costumes complete with helmets, breastplates, swords, and shields, 
2 space ranger costumes including helmets, chest plates, and arm shields,
2 fireman hats (I need to sew 2 fireman coats),
1 Construction helmet and belt.  
Pretty good amount of stuff for one little bin; pretty good amount of stuff for $20.
Add some super hero capes, and the little boys in your life are totally equipped to do big things.

Also in the stacking bins, my boys' old wooden train set, and Thomas's old Bionacles.  Notice they are in easily removable tubs.

A stationary drawer in the desk works well for magnetic and wood paper dolls as well as my drawstring bag full of calendar magnets.

Every grandma should have a wooden puzzle collection. 
 I keep mine up in the closet, to be used with permission to avoid losing pieces.

Wooden blocks are definitely a playroom must

Lincoln Logs, the old kind.

An under-the-bed-box full of the boy's old Hot Wheels along with extra track I bought at DI (thrift store).
A bin full of Legos is also a must.  Gotta get me some of those!

The penny hockey board Matt made in wood shop.  My big kids still play with this!


  1. Absolutely awesome. Two Year Old says, "Yay, yay, yay!! Do I get to go?!?!?"

  2. Thanks for bringing her over, it was a blast! Now my playroom is truly broken in!