Thursday, March 10, 2011

Marshmallow Flowers

These flowers are pretty on cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, too.  When I used them, people often ask if I am a cake decorator.  They are always surprised when I tell them these flowers are made from marshmallows!

1 package colored mini marshmallows
1 pair kitchen scissors

cut each marshmallow three times to form 4 petals.  You will actually use 5 petals per flower.  Place the flower petals as close to touching in the center as you can.  Green "petals" make leaves.


  1. I love this simple way to make desserts look fancy. Do they work on cakes, do you know?

  2. Yes, they work on cakes although it is best to place them just before serving since placing them and covering the cake for later tends to make the flowers soggy. That's why I use the hard drying icing for the bunnies. If you ice them, put flowers on them, and let the icing harden before covering, the flowers shouldn't get soggy.

  3. So fun :) I've always enjoyed putting these on bread bunnies