Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mini Paper Doll

Four pages of mini paper dolls to cut out and play with!  Store them in a decorated matchbox!
Copy the dolls and clothes onto regular paper, not cardstock.  Rub a generous layer of tacky craft glue to the black side of an advertisement magnet.  Place the doll on the glue and gently rub it.  Let glue dry.  Cut around the doll.  Rub a generous ammount of craft glue on the advertisement side of a magnet (see notes below).  Place clothes on glue and gently rub to adhere.  Let clothes dry.  Cut around the clothes.   You will not need the tabs if you are making magnet paper dolls.  Have fun playing with your magnet paper dolls!
Notes about magnets.  Check magnets before using to make sure they adhere to your doll (some wimpy ones don't do so well).  Magnets are directional; some will stick only if straight and vertical (in some cases horizontal.)  Glue your doll onto the magnet straight, not diagonally.  Test your doll on other magnets to see which way the clothes should be glued.  Do not glue onto magnet diagonally.  Do not wash magnets or get them wet before  using.
Have fun!


  1. These are beautiful. What a great idea!