Friday, March 11, 2011

Crazy Eight Party

We did this for Cassandra when she turned eight, many moons ago.  Pass out party invites shaped like the number "8."  Invite guests to come dressed up "crazy."  Make a backwards party banner (!yppaH yadhtriB)  Play all games backwards, like goose, goose, duck, where you run backwards instead of forwards, etc.  Play songs backwards on the computer and let them guess what they are.  Serve ice cream cone cupcakes.  For the "cake," buy a block of ice cream.  Cut the block down the middle and lay the two halves down flat side by side.  Press together so that it looks like a square cake.  "Frost" the cake with tinted cool whip.  Party goers will love the surprise of biting into "cake" and finding ice cream and vice versa!  Passout Groucho Marx glasses for party favors.

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  1. I remember doing this for my Birthday, so much fun! All the guests enjoyed it too