Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Playroom of Dreams II

In my last post, I announced my intention to "build" a playroom of dreams in honor of my grand baby, Lily.  This post highlights the playroom I have created.  I hope it gets the old creative juices flowing.   
DISCLAIMER:  I do not present this as a decorating masterpiece!  I don't have the time for that, and I think that as long as it's a fun room, kids don't care about the rest.  

Friday, August 26, 2011

Playroom of Dreams

Since the guest room is my room to use as I'd like when we have no guests, I am going to make it a playroom!  Yes, it will have a bed in it, but it will still be a play room.  I figure, I use the closet to store buckets full of toys anyway, why not have the toys out to play with?  If you know our family situation very well, with 4 teenagers and 2 adult children, and sweet little grandbaby, Lily, being so little and living so far away, you may be wondering who will play in this play room.  I have no idea.  Any little kid who comes along, I guess.  And as Brian said when I stated my plans, "If you build it, She will come."

"She," being  Lily, of course, which isn't really true, but, it sure is a nice thought.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to Make Easy Tres Leches Cake with a Cake Mix

I have made tres leches cake this way a few times now and everyone loves it.  In fact, my kids made this recipe for my dear husband, Brian's birthday just last week, and even though I was away from home, I hear it turned out great.  That's how easy it is!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Crocheted Leaf Pattern

I crocheted these leaves to go with the double flower and the single flower that I put on the hooded towel that I made for my little granddaughter, Lily.

In other words, these are the leaves that went on the flowers that decorated the hood that went on the towel that Marci built.  Lol!  And all for baby Lily.

Crochet Pattern for a Single Flower

This single flower looks especially nice when used with the Double Flower.  Here are two examples of how they can be used together.  Both examples are sewn on the Hooded Towel that I made my baby granddaughter, Lily.  Enjoy.

Crochet Pattern for a Double Flower

I got this pattern at BYU Women's Conference a few years ago.  They always have a crochet service project for you to sew if you want as you listen to speakers.  They took all the flowers we women crocheted in the two days of the conference, attached jewels to the center of them, and sewed them on to barrettes for little girls' hair.   So cute!  Since then I have made these flowers to decorate the little hooded towels that I made for my new granddaughter, Lily.  Enjoy!

How to make a Hooded Towel from a Bath Towel and a Washcloth

This little hooded towel is becoming quite a tradition in our family. My mom gave each one of my kids a towel when they were babies, lovingly edging each one with crochet. Now I am making two for my own little grand daughter, Lily.  I crocheted it while she was in the NICU, struggling for breath.  Now she is home and the happiest baby in the world, especially when she is wearing her pink hooded towel!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to Make Salt and Pepper Shakers out of Mini Jelly Jars

Recently, Brian and I enjoyed a wonderful two nights in a charming-old world inn at a near by ski resort.  For breakfast we feasted on delicious croissants topped with jelly from these tiny jelly jars.  The jars were so cute that when the server came to clear the table, I told him I wanted to keep the jars and take them home.  Yes, it was a bit embarrassing,  but totally worth it!  When I got home, I asked my girls what I should do with the jars, and Katrina immediately came up with a great idea--make them into salt and pepper shakers! Here's how I did it:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to Flick a Soda Pop Can Pull Ring

This idea is just one of the fun activities you can find in my "How to Have Fun in the Great Outdoors--Without any Special Equipment."

Finding an old soda pop can pull ring is becoming more and more rare these days, but if you do find one, make sure you show your kids how to send it spinning!